David Szeredai-Owner




David, with his assistant Angelo, did my floors back in August. I've been meaning to write a review for David for a long time, but have been procrastinating.  I didn't want to carry it into the new year.  

My wife and I had just bought a house and we redid the flooring for the first and second floors. We went with carpet on the second floor and later on found David to do the first floor.  I wish i had found David earlier because I would have done the whole house in hardwood floors had I known it would have turned out so well.  

We had part of the first floor with existing hardwood already.  David came out and estimated the job and beat everyone else in terms of pricing.  He was knowledgable and honest.   Like Nicki, the other reviewer mentioned, there was no high pressure sales.  

When it was time to do the work, David was extremely hard working, respectful, and punctual.  He got the job done on time, a half day before he said he would.  He also went above and beyond my expectations making the entire hardwood floor flow smoothly even into the closets (so that there isn't some wood in horizontal position and some wood perpendicular to it; attached picture).  He also used water based stain that dried really quickly.   We didn't have to spend the night anywhere for the stain to dry.  There was also no dust throughout the house, which was really awesome.  

My wife and I loved the end result.  We keep marveling at the floors and the wonderful job and care David and Angelo put into their work.  All of my family really like the floor as well.  Even my mom, who is very picky, loves our floors.  Also, most of my family and friends did not know the difference between the old floor and the new floor.  They thought that the entire first floor was new.    

I hope a lot of people read this interview and choose David and bring him a lot of business in the new year.  He's a good guy and someone I would use and recommend again and again for future jobs.

Thanks again David, Angelo and Happy New Year,


European expertise

David  is an expert in hardwood floor services, with over 13 years of experience in installation in Georgia. His european background also adds on to his professional intake, with over 6 years of working experience in Europe, including 1 year of vocational school.

The company

 Our company Vision Floors LLC offers over 15 years of experience laying and finishing hardwood. We are specialized in laying all types of hardwood floors including exotic , unfinished and prefinished floors. We also offer services for engineered floor, laminate, special designs, glue or nail down and floating floor. Also, we work with stair cases, handrails, and iron spindle installation. All of our refinishing jobs are done with absolute no dust using Bona Atomic dust free system.
For finishing floors, we highly recommend the fast drying waterborne poly finish. And for sanding and refinishing, we have a variety of color choices including custom colors.