Services Offered

Hardwood Floor Installation

Sanding and Refinishing

Hardwood floor repair 

Hardwood floor recoating

Installation and service on staircases and balusters



What are the main decisions that people need to make when it comes to choosing new hardwood flooring?

The main decision is to choose a long lasting hardwood floor, depending on each household regular use.

What types of hardwood floors work best for high traffic areas (and why)?

For high traffic areas, using popular unfinished floors( red or white oak) can be a good choice with using a strong finish. We do not recommend using soft wood such as pine or maple. Other choices are the factory prefinished floors , like engineered. Using a strong finish will protect your floors from scratches and it's more durable for weary and fade.

What are some of the most popular hardwood flooring options for homeowners?

The most popular hardwood floors in Georgia are the red oak and white oak.

Can you explain how to properly maintain hardwood floors so they last longer and still look good?

To maintain the floors, use special hardwood floor cleaners for all types of hardwood, laminate and engineered. Never use water to clean you floor. For homeowners that have pets, we recommend area rugs in places where dogs and cats are very active. Use felt pads under the furniture. Felt pads under chairs are highly recommended.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to install hardwood floors but have limited budget?

There are many ways to save money by choosing a hardwood floor. Hardwood floors come in 3 grades and in a variety of width. For example: width of 2 ¼ , 3 ½ , 4 inch, 5",6",7.
Wider hardwood floors are more expensive. So, if you want to save money, it's better to choose narrow boards. They also come in different grades. Grade n0 2, n0 1 and select. (n0 2 adds more character to the room, and it looks more rustic, and it is less expensive). 


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